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On the radio right now is a song with an awesome melody but fag-packet lyrics. It’s a huge hit, so you can’t argue with its success, but it was begging for someone to bang out some equally commercial words. A missed opportunity. And that’s where I come in. I’m a UK-based lyric writer, into timeless narratives beautifully told - stories that strike chords and touch hearts.


Themes include the usual suspects – love, hate, anger, joy, loneliness, alienation, escapism or just the universal truths. All with commercial chart pop or adult pop/rock potential. What I need is a talented, ambitious composer/songwriter to collaborate with. I work with some amazing people already but I’m still sometimes billy-no-mates writing in my own little ivory tower, so another songwriting partner or two wouldn’t hurt. I’ll explore any styles or genre of music.


Method can be words first (my words are written with rhythm and an understanding or phrasing, meter and mood) or melody first. Or a bit of both – whatever works best.


So if you’re maybe finding inspiration (or just great lyrics) hard to come by you can reach me at

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